A People Caring , Friendly Organisation..

My usual blogs are generally about critical of PSUs , Government departments etc which are totally inefficient , callous with no thought to the public convenience .
This blog is about a Govt venture which appears , efficient , with well thought out and planned modus operandi considering  public convenience in operations and seem to be people friendly.

The Government venture I am talking about is Nagpur Metro .

The reasons for my statements will become clear , just read on . 

With increasing health awareness number of people going for morning walks as increased tremendously . Stretch of road between Ambazari and NMC Octroy Post on Hingna Road is Quite popular . This stretch also has one of the longest or rather , the longest stretch of unbroken footpath . This almost a KM long footpath would have been ideal for morning walkers of which I am one . However we, morning walkers ,  could not use this ideal sretch  due to it's pathetic condition full of rubble and the uneven surface due to dug up tiles of footpath . Another reason we could not use it was due to poor street lighting .
Therefore we the morning walkers perforce had to  walk on the road .

See the photos : 

Footpath full of rubble .

Footpath full of garbage and filth .

Dugup tiles of foothpath .

Unserviceable street lights.

Metro Rail started work on this stretch some time back . There was no problem as long as work of soil testing was being carried as the obstruction on road was minimal .
Problems came when pit digging for columns started as obstruction caused on the road width was of considerable length . It created folloeing problems 
1. Footpath was unusable for walks reasons given in  above paras.
2. In-sufficient width of available road on one side , just sufficient for a Bus or heavy duty dumperto pass. On the road there was no safety margin for walkers .

No safety margin for walkers on the road with traffic.

3 Street lights were unserviceable , street lighting poles which were located on the dividers were removed completely rendering the area in darkness .

 For the convenience and safety of people these problems Had to be solved .

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words . So here goes .

Newly installed , serviceable street lights on the footpath .

NOW , Cleaned and walkable footpaths .

NOW , Cleaned and walkable footpaths .

NOW , Cleaned and walkable footh paths .
Even the sapling now have red reflective strip strips foe motorists and two wheelers 

I wish other Government organisations were also as efficient , carrying out well thought out projects , caring for people and as people friendly as Nagpur Metro.

Nagpur Metro , particularly the team wornikg on Hingana Road stretch . 
Carry on the good work and God Bless . 


Letter to Editor The Hitavada.

After frustrations after frustrations I got so fed up that I stopped writing letters to the Editor . 
 Now of course I am trying to make the letters short and short of acidic comments .
 Hopefully this will find favour .

Sir , 
We the citizens with good conscience want PM Modi's every step , including demonetisation, and the dream to have a cashless economy to succeed.
Though presently even the move to demonetise is facing criticism.It is also a fact that poor are indeed facing problems.
However it seems the dream of cashless economy seem impossible with present penetration of internet/WiFi , nonavailability of credit/debit card swiping machines as majority of smaller establishments particularly vegitable venders and small traders do not have/use them.
For PM Modi's plans to succeed the government must treat penetration of internet/WiFi with as much importance as the infrastructural development.The Government must spend similar amounts of money on spread of internet and availability of free wifi to every nook and corner by spending few thousands of crores of rupees.
Vegetable vendors / small traders must be given debit/credit card swiping machines either free or at very highly subsided rates.They must also get free internet access .Fear that these people , due to lack of knowledge , will not be able to use them will be proved wrong .They will acquire necessary skills in next to no time .
Before you know dreams of cashless economy will become reality .

PM Velankar.